Phenotype measures directly associated with ontology term
VT:0010454   'organism trait'
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This list only includes measures mapped to VT:0010454 directly. Measures mapped to its ontology descendants are not included. Alternatively, you can show measures mapped to VT:0010454 AND its descendants.
VT:0000004   forelimb conformation trait
VT:0000016   hindlimb conformation trait
VT:0000068   blood mineral amount
VT:0000180   blood cholesterol amount
VT:0000181   blood LDL cholesterol amount
VT:0000184   blood HDL cholesterol amount
VT:0000187   triglyceride amount
VT:0000188   blood glucose amount
VT:0000192   mineral amount
VT:0000199   blood albumin amount
VT:0000202   blood alkaline phosphatase amount
VT:0000203   blood aspartate transaminase amount
VT:0001256   body length
VT:0001259   body mass
VT:0001360   social investigation trait
VT:0001388   stationary movement trait
VT:0001392   locomotor behavior trait
VT:0001412   scratching trait
VT:0001422   drinking behavior trait
VT:0001431   eating behavior trait
VT:0001440   grooming behavior trait
VT:0001501   sleep behavior trait
VT:0001502   behavioral circadian rhythm trait
VT:0001505   body posture trait
VT:0001516   motor coordination/balance trait
VT:0001529   vocalization trait
VT:0001547   lipid amount
VT:0001553   blood free fatty acid amount
VT:0001560   blood insulin amount
VT:0001562   blood calcium amount
VT:0001565   blood phosphate amount
VT:0001569   blood bilirubin amount
VT:0001570   blood enzyme amount
VT:0001573   blood alanine transaminase amount
VT:0001588   blood hemoglobin amount
VT:0001661   total life span
VT:0001727   embryo implantation trait
VT:0001731   postnatal growth trait
VT:0001757   urine molecular composition trait
VT:0001758   urine glucose amount
VT:0001764   homeostasis trait
VT:0001771   blood magnesium amount
VT:0001776   blood sodium amount
VT:0001777   body temperature regulation trait
VT:0001784   fluid regulation trait
VT:0001805   blood immunoglobulin G amount
VT:0001807   blood immunoglobulin A amount
VT:0001905   dopamine amount
VT:0001961   reflex trait
VT:0001968   tactile sensory behavior trait
VT:0002063   learning/memory/conditioning trait
VT:0002069   consumption behavior trait
VT:0002121   metabolism trait
VT:0002329   blood gas amount
VT:0002332   exercise endurance trait
VT:0002492   blood immunoglobulin E amount
VT:0002644   blood triglyceride amount
VT:0002668   blood potassium amount
VT:0002796   skin barrier function trait
VT:0002871   urine albumin amount
VT:0002900   urine phosphate amount
VT:0002903   blood parathyroid hormone amount
VT:0003018   blood chloride amount
VT:0003027   blood acidity-alkalinity balance trait
VT:0003065   hepatic copper amount
VT:0003107   behavioral response to novelty trait
VT:0003442   blood glycerol amount
VT:0003457   blood ketone body amount
VT:0003491   voluntary movement trait
VT:0003492   involuntary movement trait
VT:0003620   urine output
VT:0003725   blood autoantibody amount
VT:0003947   cholesterol amount
VT:0003977   blood carnitine amount
VT:0004043   pH regulation trait
VT:0004152   blood iron amount
VT:0004262   physical strength trait
VT:0004263   limb posture trait
VT:0004762   blood anti-double stranded DNA antibody amount
VT:0005119   blood thyroid-stimulating hormone amount
VT:0005144   blood VLDL cholesterol amount
VT:0005265   blood urea nitrogen amount
VT:0005328   blood creatinine amount
VT:0005345   blood corticosterone amount
VT:0005372   life span trait
VT:0005380   embryonic development trait
VT:0005416   blood protein amount
VT:0005443   ethanol metabolism trait
VT:0005448   energy balance trait
VT:0005450   energy expenditure trait
VT:0005475   blood thyroxine amount
VT:0005535   body temperature trait
VT:0005567   blood total protein amount
VT:0005584   enzyme/coenzyme activity trait
VT:0005667   blood leptin amount
VT:0006076   blood homocysteine amount
VT:0006084   blood phospholipid amount
VT:0008495   blood immunoglobulin G1 amount
VT:0008496   blood immunoglobulin G2a amount
VT:0008497   blood immunoglobulin G2b amount
VT:0008498   blood immunoglobulin G3 amount
VT:0008550   blood interferon-beta amount
VT:0008590   blood interleukin-10 amount
VT:0008595   blood interleukin-6 amount
VT:0008610   blood interleukin-15 amount
VT:0008616   blood interleukin-12 amount
VT:0008634   blood interleukin-18 amount
VT:0008713   cytokine amount
VT:0008721   chemokine amount
VT:0008897   blood immunoglobulin G2c amount
VT:0010033   complement protein amount
VT:0010120   protein amount
VT:0010290   milk calcium amount
VT:0010291   milk potassium amount
VT:0010292   milk sodium amount
VT:0010293   milk phosphorus amount
VT:0010295   milk magnesium amount
VT:0010302   blood uric acid amount
VT:0010455   rhythmic behavior trait
VT:0010459   behavioral response to novel environment trait
VT:0010461   excretion behavior trait
VT:0010462   defecation behavior trait
VT:0010471   exploratory behavior trait
VT:0010473   impulsivity behavior trait
VT:0010474   blood non-HDL cholesterol amount
VT:0010475   blood amylase amount
VT:0010476   blood glutamate dehydrogenase amount
VT:0010477   blood lactate dehydrogenase amount
VT:0010478   blood lipase amount
VT:0010479   blood insulin-like growth factor amount
VT:0010480   blood osteocalcin amount
VT:0010481   blood immunoglobulin M amount
VT:0010482   body fat mass
VT:0010483   body lean mass
VT:0010484   serotonin amount
VT:0010487   response to xenobiotic stimulus trait
VT:0010489   response to alcohol trait
VT:0010513   blood ferritin amount
VT:0010514   blood transferrin amount
VT:0010515   blood fibronectin amount
VT:0010516   blood glutathione amount
VT:0010519   liver triglyceride amount
VT:0010527   associative learning trait
VT:0010529   contextual fear conditioning behavior trait
VT:0010530   cued fear conditioning behavior trait
VT:0010531   operant conditioning behavior trait
VT:0010532   active avoidance behavior trait
VT:0010533   passive avoidance behavior trait
VT:0010540   urine creatinine amount
VT:0010545   blood adiponectin amount
VT:0010600   maternal nurturing trait
VT:0010616   blood lactate amount
VT:0010638   xenobiotic metabolism trait
VT:0010677   glycated serum protein amount
VT:0010694   blood fructosamine amount
VT:0010695   blood ghrelin amount
VT:0010708   sheltering behavior trait
VT:0010709   behavioral response to novel object trait
VT:0010710   milk copper amount
VT:0010711   milk iron amount
VT:0010714   milk zinc content
VT:0010715   fear-related behavior trait
VT:0010716   anxiety-related behavior trait
VT:0010718   response to cocaine trait
VT:0010719   response to methamphetamine trait
VT:0010720   response to morphine trait
VT:0010721   response to nicotine trait
VT:0010722   withdrawal response to addictive substance trait
VT:0010723   conditioned place preference behavior trait
VT:0010725   startle reflex trait
VT:0010726   wildness behavior trait
VT:0010727   spatial reference memory trait
VT:0010729   olfactory discrimination memory trait
VT:0010730   locomotor coordination trait
VT:0010731   gait trait
VT:0010732   head movement trait
VT:0010748   stereotypic behavior trait
VT:0010785   blood carbon dioxide amount
VT:0010808   milk sulfur amount
VT:0010878   blood bile acid amount
VT:0010917   bile acid amount
VT:0010918   liver bile acid amount
VT:0010919   feces bile acid amount
VT:0010999   body water amount
VT:0011000   choline amount
VT:0011001   trimethylamine N-oxide amount
VT:0011002   betaine amount
VT:0011003   phosphocholine amount
VT:0011004   glycerophosphocholine amount
VT:0015014   aggression-related behavior trait
VT:0015015   depression-related behavior trait
VT:0015078   blood homeostasis trait
VT:0015087   vitamin metabolism trait
VT:0015088   glucose metabolism trait
VT:0100005   body size trait
VT:0100007   growth trait
VT:1000000   body conformation trait
VT:1000047   blood creatine kinase amount
VT:1000152   wellness/fitness trait
VT:1000738   limb conformation trait