JaxKOMP-LAP phenotype measure: pct_dark_LD            
MPD and LIMS short name pct_dark_LD       pct_time_in_dark
Phenotype description percentage of total time in dark zone, 20 min test  [%]
MPD and LIMS phenotype procedure light-dark box       light / dark       View protocol
MPD measure ID, data type 101487     numeric data
Number of genotypes 124  genotypes completed with analytics available, both sexes
Age at testing 67-73wks       Late Adult Phenotyping study   LAP

Data points below are the computed genotype effect size for each KOMP genotype vs. C57BL6/NJ controls.

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Genotype Genotype Effect Genotype Effect SE Genotype Effect RankZ Adjusted p-value Unadjusted p-value

Correlate percentage of total time in dark zone, 20 min test with JaxKOMP-LAP trait: