Nadeau1: Diet-induced obesity survey in C57BL/6J-Chr#A/J/NaJ mouse chromosome substitution panel (males) (2008)

Singer JB, Hill AE, Burrage LC, Olszens KR, Song J, Justice M, O'Brien WE, Conti DV, Witte JS, Lander ES, Nadeau JH. Genetic dissection of complex traits with chromosome substitution strains of mice. Science. 2004 Apr 16;304(5669):445-8. Epub 2004 Mar 18.   PubMed 15031436  

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Ontology terms mapped to Nadeau1 measures:
  MP:0001259   abnormal body weight
  VT:0001259   body mass

Investigators Joseph H Nadeau       Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine,  Cleveland, OH
Annie E Hill       Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine,  Cleveland, OH
ContactJoseph H Nadeau     Lab web site
AcknowledgementsFunding provided by NIH RR12305
Project type Phenotype strain survey data set
MPD identifiersNadeau1     MPD:283
Data changelog No updates/corrections.       Initial release date: 06/2008.
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Animals were weighed at baseline and then again after being fed a high fat, high sucrose diet for 12 wks. (The term "high-fat diet" is used in measurement listings to allow these data to be grouped with other high-fat diet studies).

Procedures conducted:
• body weight  Baseline vs. high-fat diet for 12wks.

Mice: B6.A consomic w/par   24 strains   ♂   age 5, 17 wks   1 experimental group