Kumar3 project protocol

Grooming behavior and locomotor activity in 51 inbred strains of mice and 11 F1 hybrid lines   (2021)

Kumar V
With: Geuther BQ, Peer A, He Hao, Sabnis G, Philip VM

Project protocol - Contents


Procedure 1: Locomotor activity and grooming behavior

Equipment, software, and supplies

  • Open field arena


  1. Each animal is video recorded from a top-down viewpoint in an open field arena for a total of 55 min. Imaging parameters are held constant across the experiment for all mice. Data are binned and presented as first 5 min, first 20 min, and first 55 min. Total distance traveled and time spent in periphery or in corners are recorded.
  2. Grooming behavioral metrics are described in Geuther et al., 2021. Time spent grooming, count of grooming events (bouts), and bout length are recorded.