Jaxpheno7: Neuromuscular and behavioral testing in males of 6 inbred strains of mice (2010)

Jackson Laboratory   James Denegre   With: Denegre J, Yang Y, Nicholson A, Davis C, Ryan J, McFarland H

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Ontology terms mapped to Jaxpheno7 measures:
  MA:0000007   limb
  MA:0000008   tail
  MA:0000020   back of trunk
  MA:0000025   forelimb
  MA:0000026   hindlimb
  MA:0000044   foot
  MA:0000155   coat hair
  MA:0000259   auricle
  MA:0000261   eye
  MA:0000520   abdomen muscle
  MA:0000615   forelimb muscle
  MA:0000617   forelimb skin
  MA:0002512   digestive system fluid or secretion
  MP:0001348   abnormal lacrimal gland physiology
  MP:0001362   abnormal anxiety-related response
  MP:0001392   abnormal locomotor behavior
  MP:0001406   abnormal gait
  MP:0001504   abnormal posture
  MP:0001510   abnormal coat appearance
  MP:0001513   limb grasping
  MP:0001515   abnormal grip strength
  MP:0001516   abnormal motor coordination/balance
  MP:0001529   abnormal vocalization
  MP:0001761   abnormal urination pattern
  MP:0002061   abnormal aggression-related behavior
  MP:0002066   abnormal motor capabilities/coordination/movement
  MP:0002734   abnormal mechanical nociception
  MP:0002822   catalepsy
  MP:0003461   abnormal response to novel object
  MP:0003492   abnormal involuntary movement
  MP:0003671   abnormal eyelid aperture
  MP:0004142   abnormal muscle tone
  MP:0004262   abnormal physical strength
  MP:0004263   abnormal limb posture
  MP:0005310   abnormal salivary gland physiology
  MP:0005316   abnormal response to tactile stimuli
  MP:0011239   abnormal skin coloration
  MP:0013189   abnormal exploration in a new environment
  MP:0020147   abnormal defecation amount
  VT:0000016   hindlimb conformation trait
  VT:0001392   locomotor behavior trait
  VT:0001516   motor coordination/balance trait
  VT:0001529   vocalization trait
  VT:0001970   pain threshold
  VT:0002095   skin pigmentation trait
  VT:0002734   mechanical nociception trait
  VT:0003492   involuntary movement trait
  VT:0003620   urine output
  VT:0004142   muscle tone
  VT:0004262   physical strength trait
  VT:0005316   tactition trait
  VT:0006276   autonomic nervous system physiology trait
  VT:0010080   skeletal muscle physiology trait
  VT:0010461   excretion behavior trait
  VT:0010462   defecation behavior trait
  VT:0010471   exploratory behavior trait
  VT:0010709   behavioral response to novel object trait
  VT:0010716   anxiety-related behavior trait
  VT:0010726   wildness behavior trait
  VT:0015014   aggression-related behavior trait
  VT:0015094   equilibrioception system trait
  VT:1000000   body conformation trait

Institutional authorship Jackson Laboratory
Investigators James Denegre       The Jackson Laboratory,  Bar Harbor, ME
Participants Denegre J, Yang Y, Nicholson A, Davis C, Ryan J, McFarland H
ContactJames Denegre     james.denegre@jax.org
Affiliated CenterJAX Phenotyping Center
Project type Phenotype strain survey data set
MPD identifiersJaxpheno7     MPD:349
Data changelog No updates/corrections.       Initial release date: 08/2010.
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Animals were evaluated in these areas: SHIRPA, rotarod, grip strength.

Procedures conducted:
• observation (SHIRPA)  Behavior, and neurosensory responses (SHIRPA protocol).
• grip strength  Peak tension.
• rotarod  Latency to fall from accelerating rotarod.

Mice: inbred   6 strains   ♂   age 10wks   1 experimental group