GMC01 project protocol

Locomotor activity and exploratory and anxiety-related behaviors assessed by the open field test in 8 inbred founder strains of the Collaborative Cross   (2020)

German Mouse Clinic and Department of Infection Genetics, HZI
With: Hrabě de Angelis M, Fuchs H, Gailus-Durner V, Garrett L, Hölter-Koch S, Wurst W, Lengger C, Kollmus H, Schughart K

German Mouse Clinic: Phenotyping Pipeline

Open field test: 8-9 wks of age


  • Project protocol - Contents

    Workflow and sampling

    Data collected
    Mice transported to test room or antechamber to acclimate for 30 min -
    2 Individual mice placed in arena for 20 min session; activity recorded Open field arena Locomotor activity, exploratory and anxiety-related parameters

    Equipment and supplies

    • Open field arena: TSE Systems GmbH (ActiMot2), Bad Homburg GERMANY
      • Peripheral zone: 8 cm from edge of arena walls
      • Central zone: ~40% of total surface area of arena
    • Software: TSE ActiMot version 08.00

    Reagents and solutions

    • Cleaning solution

    Procedure: Open field test

      1. Mice are acclimated to the test room for 30 min.
      2. Lighting conditions are set to 150-200 lux; detection parameters for the video-tracking system are set for the detection of coat colors.
      3. Testing is conducted during the light phase of the cycle with 1-h gap from the light/dark change.
      4. Ideally, males are tested before females.
      5. Individual mice are placed in the middle of a peripheral zone of the arena facing the wall and allowed to explore freely (experimenter out of sight).
      6. Activity is recorded for 20 min, in 5-min bins.
      7. Mice are returned to their homecage, and the apparatus is wiped clean after each test.

    Data collected by investigator

    • Locomotor activity
    • Exploratory behaviors
    • Anxiety-related behaviors