Using sortable, filterable tables
This page gives a quick primer on using sortable tables in MPD. You may wish to print this page and keep it nearby.
These actions occur instantaneously on each click or keystroke you do.

Sort rows   by clicking on column header cell up / down symbol.

Filter rows   by typing into column header "Search" boxes. Some examples:
If you Type:You'll keep only rows where your column:
abc contains abc
!abc does not contain abc
abc|xyz is either abc or xyz
"" is an empty cell
? is a non-empty cell
>=10 is numeric value greater than or equal to 10 *
10 to 30 is a numeric value between 10 and 30 *
* numerics can generally be any-
where in the cell for this to work.

Blue facet panel   Sometimes there's a blue facet panel at the left side of table. If it's there you can use it to pair down the table content using a facet approach.

'All boxes'.   In tables of phenotype measures, there's an "All boxes" checkbox at the bottom of the table. Checking this box will select all the measures that are currently present in your table (regardless of pagination). Measures that you've already filtered out will not be included. For best results please perform all desired filtering / paring down before using Select All.

'Work with selected measures'.   In tables of phenotype measures, you can use this button (at the bottom of the table) to see options for using the MPD analysis tools with the selected measures, or adding the selected measures to your MyMPD collection.