Levy1: Bone microarchitecture in 31 emerging lines of the Collaborative Cross (pre-CC) (2015)

Levy R, Mott RF, Iraqi FA, Gabet Y. Collaborative cross mice in a genetic association study reveal new candidate genes for bone microarchitecture. BMC Genomics. 2015 Nov 26;16(1):1013. doi: 10.1186/s12864-015-2213-x.   PubMed 26611327     FullText

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Investigators Roei Levy       Tel Aviv University,  Tel Aviv ISRAEL
Richard F Mott       University of Oxford,  Oxford UK
Fuad A Iraqi       Tel Aviv University,  Tel Aviv ISRAEL
Yankel Gabet       Tel Aviv University,  Tel Aviv ISRAEL
ContactRoei Levy     roei231@gmail.com
AcknowledgementsFunding provided by Tel Aviv University and by Israel Science Foundation (ISF) Grant No. 1822/12; Wellcome Trust grants 085906/Z/08/Z, 075491/Z/04, and 090532/Z/09/Z
Project type Phenotype strain survey data set
MPD identifiersLevy1     MPD:549
Data changelog No updates/corrections.       Initial release date: 06/2016.
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Procedures conducted:
• body weight 
• computed tomography  Bone microarchitecture, morphology (femur).

Mice: CC pre   31 strains   ♀♂   age 8-14wks   1 experimental group