RIKEN-EAD1: Blood chemistry, hematology, and body size for 56 inbred mouse strains (RBRC) (2008)

RIKEN BioResource Center / Experimental Animal Division   Atsushi Yoshiki   With: Yoshiki A

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Ontology terms mapped to RIKEN-EAD1 measures:
  MA:0000008   tail
  MA:0000059   blood
  MA:0002501   plasma
  MP:0000180   abnormal circulating cholesterol level
  MP:0000184   abnormal circulating HDL cholesterol level
  MP:0000188   abnormal circulating glucose level
  MP:0000199   abnormal circulating serum albumin level
  MP:0000202   abnormal circulating alkaline phosphatase level
  MP:0000203   abnormal circulating aspartate transaminase level
  MP:0000217   abnormal leukocyte cell number
  MP:0000226   abnormal mean corpuscular volume
  MP:0001256   abnormal body length
  MP:0001259   abnormal body weight
  MP:0001562   abnormal circulating calcium level
  MP:0001565   abnormal circulating phosphate level
  MP:0001569   abnormal circulating bilirubin level
  MP:0001573   abnormal circulating alanine transaminase level
  MP:0001586   abnormal erythrocyte cell number
  MP:0001588   abnormal hemoglobin
  MP:0001589   abnormal mean corpuscular hemoglobin
  MP:0002596   abnormal hematocrit
  MP:0002943   abnormal lactate dehydrogenase level
  MP:0004152   abnormal circulating iron level
  MP:0005265   abnormal blood urea nitrogen level
  MP:0005328   abnormal circulating creatinine level
  MP:0005640   abnormal mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration
  MP:0008804   abnormal circulating amylase level
  MP:0008820   abnormal blood uric acid level
  MP:0011888   abnormal circulating total protein level
  MP:0011898   abnormal platelet cell number
  MP:0011969   abnormal circulating triglyceride level
  MP:0011999   abnormal tail length
  VT:0000180   blood cholesterol amount
  VT:0000184   blood HDL cholesterol amount
  VT:0000188   blood glucose amount
  VT:0000199   blood albumin amount
  VT:0000202   blood alkaline phosphatase amount
  VT:0000203   blood aspartate transaminase amount
  VT:0000217   leukocyte quantity
  VT:0000248   erythrocyte size trait
  VT:0001256   body length
  VT:0001259   body mass
  VT:0001562   blood calcium amount
  VT:0001565   blood phosphate amount
  VT:0001569   blood bilirubin amount
  VT:0001573   blood alanine transaminase amount
  VT:0001586   erythrocyte quantity
  VT:0001588   blood hemoglobin amount
  VT:0002447   erythrocyte morphology trait
  VT:0002644   blood triglyceride amount
  VT:0002758   tail length
  VT:0003179   platelet quantity
  VT:0004152   blood iron amount
  VT:0005265   blood urea nitrogen amount
  VT:0005328   blood creatinine amount
  VT:0005567   blood total protein amount
  VT:0010302   blood uric acid amount
  VT:0010475   blood amylase amount
  VT:0010477   blood lactate dehydrogenase amount
  VT:0015078   blood homeostasis trait

Institutional authorship RIKEN BioResource Center / Experimental Animal Division     Lab web site
Investigators Atsushi Yoshiki       RIKEN BioResource Center,  Tsukuba, Ibaraki JAPAN
Participants Yoshiki A
ContactAtsushi Yoshiki     yoshiki@brc.riken.jp     Lab web site
Part of a series: • inbred strains   (this project) RIKEN-EAD1
• wild-derived strains   see RIKEN-EAD2
Project type Phenotype strain survey data set
MPD identifiersRIKEN-EAD1     MPD:372
Data changelog No updates/corrections.       Initial release date: 08/2011.
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Procedures conducted:
• metabolic panel  Clinical blood chemistry (plasma). 4h fast.
• complete blood count  Hematology.
• lipid profile  Cholesterol, HDL, triglycerides. 4h fast, plasma.
• body size and weight  Body weight, body length, tail length.

Mice: inbred RBRC   56 strains   ♀♂   age 8, 12 wks   1 experimental group