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A collection of QTL studies across populations and species, curated by the Churchill Group to form the QTL Archive ( Each study has phenotype and genotype data for members of a population derived from a specific cross, and includes a list of phenotypes, an Excel archive file and a .csv file formatted for use with R/qtl. Most pages include original analysis scripts and other files, and a list of associated MGI-curated genomic features. Users can locate a data set of interest, download the data, and reproduce or extend analyses locally using software such as R/qtl, J/qtl, QTLRel, or DOQTL. Marker locations use Cox build 37 coordinates unless otherwise stated. QTL Archive resource funded by NIH R01 grant GM070683 to Gary Churchill.

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Data set Procedure What's in this data set QTL cross Sex Age (weeks) Year
with methacholine
Lung, respiratory function, baseline and methacholine-challenged (several doses). A/J x C3H/HeJ backcross f 7-8wks 2005
Ankra-Badu1 Body, organ, fat pad weights, weight gain, litter size. M16i x L6 F2 intercross both 2-10wks 2009
Attie1 eQTL study of obesity and type 2 diabetes using microarray. B6 x BTBR intercross. both 10wks 2015
Bailey1 Open field test. Locomotor activity, anxiety-related behavior. C57BL/6J and C58/J both 8wks 2008
Bautz1 Plasma lipids. Cholesterol, triglycerides. I/LnJ both 12-14wks 2013
Beamer1 Bone volume. C57BL/6J x CAST/EiJ intercross f 20wks 1999
Beamer2 Bone morphology and strength, insulin-like growth factor 1. C57BL/6J x C3H/HeJ intercross F2 progeny f 16wks 2001
Bouma1 Fetal gonads microscopy study. Dax1 XY backcross m embryo 2005
Brich1 Protein tau hyperphosphorylation. BALB/cByJ x C57BL/6J intercross f 3wks 2003
Brockmann1 Body, organ weights, litter size, abdominal fat, lipids, insulin, leptin. DBA2J x NMRI8 and DBA2J x DU6i intercrosses both 3-6wks 2009
Broman1 Gut length. C3HeB/FeJ x C57BL/6J intercross both 2006
Bubier2 Intestinal microbiome study. CC pre both 2014
Burke1 Femur and vertebra morphology and strength. Monthly body weight 3 - 13 months. (BALBxB6) F1 x (C3HxDBA/2) F1 f 14-56wks 2012
with ethanol
Sensitivity to ethanol. Baseline and ethanol. C57BL/6J x 129S1/SvImJ both 9-34wks 2012
with ultraviolet light
Immunosuppression of contact hypersensitivity after ultraviolet light exposure BALB/cAnNCrl x C57BL/6NCrl backcross both 9-30wks 2000
Davidson1 Exencephaly, neural tube defects in embryos. BALB/cJ x FVB/NJ reciprocal backcross both embryo 2007
DiPetrillo3 Blood pressure (tail cuff), heart rate, heart weight. C3H x SWR intercross F2 progeny both 8wks 2004
Doorenbos1 Urinalysis. Creatinine, microalbumin, body weight. C57BL/6J_x_A/J_and_A/J_x_B6.Apoe-/-_intercrosses m 8-10wks 2008
Dorward1 Ovarian granulosa cell tumors histopathology. CAST/EiJ x SWXJ9/BmJ intercross f 8wks 2005
Dzur-Gejdosova1 Sterility investigation. Sperm count, testes weight. PWD/Ph and C57BL/6J backcross m 9wks 2012
Farmer1 Colitis susceptibility, severity. Colon histopathology, body and spleen weight. IL-10-deficient mice both 6wks 2001
Feng1 Blood pressure (tail cuff), kidney weight, body weight. 8 mouse intercross populations m 8wks 2009
Gatti2 Whole blood neutrophil count and white cell count. DO population both 10-12wks 2014
Guay-Woodford1 Kidney morphology, renal cystic disease severity. BALB/c-Bicc1jcpk-bpk x CAST/EiJ F2 progeny f 2wks 2000
Hageman1 eQTL, urinary albumin excretion using microarray. MSxSM F2 intercross m 8-10wks 2011
with high-fat diet
Lipids, atherosclerosis lesions, parathyroid hormone after high-fat diet. C57BL/6J x 129S1/SvImJ intercross f 20wks 2004
Jarvis1 Fat pad weight. Epistatic interactions. SM/J x LG/J advanced intercross both 13+wks 2011
Karst1 Characterization of high-muscle-mass mice. BMMI816 x BMMI806 (Berlin Muscle Mouse) both 3-10wks 2011
Kiernan1 Ear microscopy (ampullae) and eye slit lamp study. Jag1 heterozygous mice f 2007
Kim1 Glucose, insulin, body and fat pad weights. TallyHo and C57BL/6J backcross progeny m 20-26wks 2001
with cocaine
Open field test. Locomotor, anxiety-related, circadian behavior. Baseline and after cocaine i.p. C57BL/6J x C57BL/6N reduced complexity cross. both 10-14wks 2014
Leiter2 Type 1 diabetes development study. NOD x 129.H2g7 backcross. f 14-40wks 2009
with western diet
Lipids, atherosclerosis lesion histopathology. High-fat, western-style diet. C57BL/6 x C3H intercross f 12wks 2008
with high-fat diet
Lipids (plasma), liver weight, gallbladder and gallstone histopathology. DBA/2J x CAST/EiJ F2 progeny m 16-18wks 2003
with high-fat diet
Lipids (plasma), bile, liver weight, gallbladder and gallstone histopathology. 129S1/SvImJ x CAST/EiJ F2 progeny m 16-18wks 2003
with high-fat diet
Lipids, gallbladder and gallstone histopathology after high-fat diet. 129S1/SvImJ x RIIIS/J F2 intercross m 14-20wks 2004
Maeda1 Atherosclerosis lesion histopathology, lesion sizes. None both 18-20wks 2017
Mahler1 Colitis susceptibility. Colon histopathology, spleen weight. C3H/HeJBir x C57BL/6J backcrosses both 6wks 2002
Mathews1 Type 1 diabetes resistance. ALR/Lt x NOD backcross f 8-40wks 2003
Moore1 Gravitropic response in Arabidopsis. Ler x Cvi population both 2013
Mrug1 Kidney morphology. cpk mutant mice both 1-2wks 2005
Nishihara1 Blood pressure (tail cuff). C3H x NZO and NZO x C3H intercross F2 progeny m 10wks 2007
Payseur1 Body weight of Gough Island mice. Gough Island mice x WSB intercross. both 1-16wks 2015
Payseur2 Hybrid male sterility. Morphology, sperm count, histopathology. WSB/EiJ x PWD/PhJ intercross m 10-11wks 2018
Peters5 Complete blood count measures on fetuses, newborns. C3H/HeJ+/wan x CAST/EiJ F2 progeny both fetus, newborn 2004
with high-fat diet
Cholesterol (plasma) after high-fat diet (several timepoints). NZB/BlNJ x SM/J backcross progeny f 6-26wks 2002
Recla1 Hot plate nociception. DO population both 13-17wks 2013
Reifsnyder1 Body weight (several ages), fat mass, body mass index, fat pad weights. NZO/HlLtJ x NON/ShiLtJ backcross m 4-24wks 2000
Reifsnyder2 Type 1 diabetes onset. NOD x NOR intercross f 12-40wks 2005
with macronutrient diet option
Caloric intake, glucose, body and fat pad weights. Macronutrient diet option. C57BL/6J x CAST/EiJ F2 reciprocal crosses m 8-13wks 2002
Rodriguez1 Spleen, liver murine cytomegalovirus study. NZW x NZB F2 progeny both 8-12wks 2009
Sheehan1 Urinalysis. Creatinine, microalbumin, body weight. C57BL/6J x DBA/2J intercross F2 progeny m 10wks 2007
Shimomura1 Circadian activity. BALB/cJ x C57BL/6J F2 progeny both 2001
Solberg1 Open field test, forced swim test, defensive burying task. WKY and Fisher 344 rat strain intercross both 11-17wks 2004
with high-fat diet
Body size, weight, fat pad weights after high-fat diet. SM/J x NZB/BlNJ F2 progeny both 24wks 2006
Stylianou2 Lipids. Cholesterol, triglycerides, body weight. B6.A consomic and F2 mouse crosses both 8-10wks 2006
with high-fat diet
Lipids (plasma). Cholesterol, triglycerides, aortic lesions, body mass index. C57BL/6J x C3H/HeJ F2 intercross f 14wks 2009
with sodium chloride
Blood pressure (tail cuff) after sodium chloride intake. C57BL/6J x A/J reciprocal back crosses m 10wks 2001
Sugiyama3 Blood pressure (tail cuff), heart weight, body weight. BALB/cJ and CBA/CaJ F2 progeny m 10wks 2002
Sundberg2 Alopecia areata autoimmune disease susceptibility. C3H/HeJ x C57BL/6J intercross F2 progeny both 52wks 2003
Tsaih1 Brain weight, body weight. inbred intercross (RIX) hybrids both 2005
with high-fat diet
Lipids (plasma). Cholesterol, inducibility, triglycerides, atherosclerosis lesions. C57BL/6J and NZB/BlNJ advanced intercross lines f 10-23wks 2003
Wergedal1 Bone mineral density, thickness, strength. NZB/BlNJ x RF/J F2 intercross f 10wks 2006
with high-fat diet
Liver weight, gallbladder and gallstone histopathology. AKR/J and SWR/J reciprocal backcrosses both 18-20wks 2002
with high-fat diet
Lipids (plasma), liver weight, gallbladder and gallstone histopathology. PERA/EiJ and I/LnJ reciprocal backcrosses both 6-16wks 2003
with high-fat diet
Lipids (plasma), liver weight, gallbladder and gallstone histopathology. DBA/2J and PERA/EiJ intercross both 2005
Xiong1 Circadian behavior. C57BL/6J x 129S1/SvImJ backcross m 9-34wks 2011
Yi1 Body weight (several timepoints) and liver weight. M16i x CAST backcross both 2-12wks 2007
Yuan5 Plasma levels of P-selectin and soluble vascular cell adhesion molecule-1. apoE-/- f 18wks 2008
with western diet
Atherosclerosis and glucose homeostasis. Lesions, lipids, glucose, insulin. High-fat, western-style diet. C57BL/6 x BALB/cJ intercross f <6-18wks 2012