Crusio1: Spatial learning, grooming, response to novelty, inter-male aggression, and hippocampal neuroanatomy in 53 BXD recombinant inbred strains of mice (2018)

References   (chronological)

1.   Delprato A, Bonheur B, Algéo MP, Rosay P, Lu L, Williams RW, Crusio WE. Systems genetic analysis of hippocampal neuroanatomy and spatial learning in mice. Genes Brain Behav. 2015 Nov;14(8):591-606. doi: 10.1111/gbb.12259. Epub 2015 Nov 8.   PubMed 26449520  

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Investigators Anna Delprato       University of Bordeaux,  Pessac FRANCE
Wim E Crusio       University of Bordeaux,  Pessac FRANCE
Participants Bonheur B, Algéo MP, Rosay P, Lu L, Williams RW, Bubier JA, Chesler EJ, Murillo A, Dhawan E
ContactWim E Crusio     Lab web site
AcknowledgementsFunding provided by NIH MH072920, AA016662, AA013499, AA018776, AA021951; Neuro-BSIK Mouse Phenomics Consortium (BSIK03053)
Project type Phenotype strain survey data set
MPD identifiersCrusio1     MPD:620
Data changelog No updates/corrections.       Initial release date: 07/2018.
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Procedures conducted:
• body weight 
• open field test  Locomotor activity and exploratory behavior. 20 min test.
• radial maze  Spatial learning.
• behavior observation  Inter-male agression.
• organ weights  Brain weight.
• histopathology  Hippocampal histology.

Mice: BXD w/par   55 strains   ♀♂   age 10-16wks   1 experimental group