Phenotype measures associated with
VT:0001771   'blood magnesium amount'

Data set MPD ID Procedure / Protocol Drug or Challenge Phenotype Measure Panel No. of Strains Sex Age Sample Size (Avg) Year
    Brugnara1 47403 ion transport assessment (none) RBC magnesium cation content (mmol/kg hemoglobin)   [mmol/kg]  magnesium inbred 10 both 8wks N=28 2013
    Donahue9 41804 metabolic panel (none) magnesium (serum Mg)   [mg/dL]  magnesium B6.PWD consomic w/par 25 both 11wks N=8 2011
    Yuan3 24431 metabolic panel (none) magnesium (serum Mg)   [mg/dL]     6mo    12mo    18mo inbred 28 both N=6 2008
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