Eumorphia1: Blood chemistry and hematology in 8 inbred strains of mice (2007)

Champy MF, Selloum M, Zeitler V, Caradec C, Jung B, Rousseau S, Pouilly L, Sorg T, Auwerx J. Genetic background determines metabolic phenotypes in the mouse. Mamm Genome. 2008 May;19(5):318-3Epub 2008 Apr 5.   PubMed 18392653  

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Ontology terms mapped to Eumorphia1 measures:
  MA:0000059   blood
  MA:0002501   plasma
  MP:0000180   abnormal circulating cholesterol level
  MP:0000184   abnormal circulating HDL cholesterol level
  MP:0000188   abnormal circulating glucose level
  MP:0000199   abnormal circulating serum albumin level
  MP:0000202   abnormal circulating alkaline phosphatase level
  MP:0000203   abnormal circulating aspartate transaminase level
  MP:0000217   abnormal leukocyte cell number
  MP:0000226   abnormal mean corpuscular volume
  MP:0000717   abnormal lymphocyte cell number
  MP:0001553   abnormal circulating free fatty acids level
  MP:0001562   abnormal circulating calcium level
  MP:0001565   abnormal circulating phosphate level
  MP:0001569   abnormal circulating bilirubin level
  MP:0001573   abnormal circulating alanine transaminase level
  MP:0001586   abnormal erythrocyte cell number
  MP:0001588   abnormal hemoglobin
  MP:0001589   abnormal mean corpuscular hemoglobin
  MP:0001776   abnormal circulating sodium level
  MP:0002668   abnormal circulating potassium level
  MP:0002943   abnormal lactate dehydrogenase level
  MP:0003018   abnormal circulating chloride level
  MP:0004152   abnormal circulating iron level
  MP:0005265   abnormal blood urea nitrogen level
  MP:0005328   abnormal circulating creatinine level
  MP:0005637   abnormal iron homeostasis
  MP:0005640   abnormal mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration
  MP:0008804   abnormal circulating amylase level
  MP:0008820   abnormal blood uric acid level
  MP:0010089   abnormal circulating creatine kinase level
  MP:0011888   abnormal circulating total protein level
  MP:0011898   abnormal platelet cell number
  MP:0011969   abnormal circulating triglyceride level
  MP:0012441   abnormal monocyte cell number
  MP:0020151   abnormal circulating non-HDL cholesterol level
  VT:0000180   blood cholesterol amount
  VT:0000184   blood HDL cholesterol amount
  VT:0000188   blood glucose amount
  VT:0000199   blood albumin amount
  VT:0000202   blood alkaline phosphatase amount
  VT:0000203   blood aspartate transaminase amount
  VT:0000217   leukocyte quantity
  VT:0000223   monocyte quantity
  VT:0000248   erythrocyte size trait
  VT:0000717   lymphocyte quantity
  VT:0001553   blood free fatty acid amount
  VT:0001562   blood calcium amount
  VT:0001565   blood phosphate amount
  VT:0001569   blood bilirubin amount
  VT:0001570   blood enzyme amount
  VT:0001573   blood alanine transaminase amount
  VT:0001586   erythrocyte quantity
  VT:0001588   blood hemoglobin amount
  VT:0001776   blood sodium amount
  VT:0002447   erythrocyte morphology trait
  VT:0002644   blood triglyceride amount
  VT:0002668   blood potassium amount
  VT:0003018   blood chloride amount
  VT:0003179   platelet quantity
  VT:0004152   blood iron amount
  VT:0005265   blood urea nitrogen amount
  VT:0005328   blood creatinine amount
  VT:0005567   blood total protein amount
  VT:0010302   blood uric acid amount
  VT:0010474   blood non-HDL cholesterol amount
  VT:0010475   blood amylase amount
  VT:0010513   blood ferritin amount
  VT:0010514   blood transferrin amount
  VT:0015078   blood homeostasis trait
  VT:1000047   blood creatine kinase amount

Institutional authorship Eumorphia / Europhenome     Lab web site
Project type Phenotype strain survey data set
MPD identifiersEumorphia1     MPD:239
Data changelog 1 update/correction.       Initial release date: 06/2009.
Formatted citation
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Mice were tested at two locations, ICS and GSF. All strains except for BALB/cAnPt and 129X1/SvJ were tested at ICS. All strains except for BALB/cJ and 129S2/SvPas were tested at GSF.

These data were downloaded using the Eumorphia browser system in Jan 2008.

Procedures conducted:

• complete blood count  Hematology.
• lipid profile  Cholesterol, HDL, non-HDL, triglycerides, free fatty acids. Plasma.
• metabolic panel  Clinical blood chemistry (plasma). Unknown fast.

Mice: inbred   8 strains   ♀♂   age 12wks   1 experimental group