Available table downloads

From here you can download entire MPD data tables.   Some field descriptions, and an md5 checksum file are available. See also MPD's RESTful API for getting data.

measurements.csv   Description, units, and other metadata attributes for all phenotype measures (traits) in MPD. One row per measure. 811 kB 11-Dec-2018
straininfo.csv   Strain name, vendor, stock number, web page URL, and other attributes for each mouse strain in MPD. One row per strain. 112 kB 10-Dec-2018
datasets_strains.csv   Indicates which mouse strains were studied in each MPD data set. Many-to-many mapping table. 113 kB 11-Dec-2018
ontology_mappings.csv   Maps ontology term IDs to measures. Many-to-many mapping table. 587 kB 11-Dec-2018
animaldatapoints.csv.gz   Individual mouse readings for all strain survey phenotype measures. One row per animal reading. 8451 kB 11-Dec-2018
strainmeans.csv.gz   Strain averages, SD, SEM, N, CV for all numeric strain survey phenotype measures in MPD. 3897 kB 11-Dec-2018
categodata.csv   Strain consensus values for all categorical (non-numeric) strain survey phenotype measures. 14 kB 11-Dec-2018
measstats.csv.gz   Overall averages (all strains combined) with SD, etc, for all numeric strain survey phenotype measures in MPD. 171 kB 11-Dec-2018

Other possibilities:

To download a contributed data set, use MPD search to locate the data set's page, and download it from there.

To download data for a certain mouse strain, use MPD search to locate the strain's page, and download from there.

Other specific downloads can be prepared for you by request at phenome@jax.org