Reed1: Survey of adipose depots, body size, and heart and kidney weights in males of 28 inbred strains of mice (2009)

Reed DR, Bachmanov AA, Tordoff MG

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Investigators Danielle R Reed       Monell Chemical Senses Center,  Philadelphia, PA
Alexander A Bachmanov       Monell Chemical Senses Center,  Philadelphia, PA
Michael G Tordoff       Monell Chemical Senses Center,  Philadelphia, PA
ContactDanielle R Reed     Lab web site
Affiliated CenterMonell Chemical Senses Center
AcknowledgementsFunding provided by NIH DK058797
Project type Phenotype strain survey data set
MPD identifiersReed1     MPD:326
Data changelog 1 update/correction.       Initial release date: 02/2010.
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Mice were assessed for gonadal and perirenal fat pad weights, heart and kidney weights, and body size. Body mass index (BMI) was derived from these data.

Procedures conducted:
• body size and weight  Body weight, body length, body mass index.
• fat pad weights  Epididymal, retroperitoneal.
• organ weights  Heart, kidney weights.

Mice: inbred   28 strains   ♂   age 8, 12 wks   1 experimental group