Koide3: Temporal recording of open field behavior in 12 inbred strains of mice, mostly wild-derived (Mishima) strains (2006)

Takahashi A, Kato K, Makino J, Shiroishi T, Koide T. Multivariate analysis of temporal descriptions of open-field behavior in wild-derived mouse strains. Behav Genet. 2006 Sep;36(5):763-74.   PubMed 16402282  

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Investigators Tsuyoshi Koide       National Institute of Genetics,  Mishima JAPAN
Aki Takahashi       National Institute of Genetics,  Mishima JAPAN
ContactTsuyoshi Koide     tkoide@lab.nig.ac.jp     Lab web site
AcknowledgementsFunding provided by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science; Grant-in-Aid from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

This study is from the National Institute of Genetics, Japan (#2502)
Project type Phenotype strain survey data set
MPD identifiersKoide3     MPD:359
Data changelog No updates/corrections.       Initial release date: 02/2011.
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Behavior in the open field was examined using conventional (exploratory and anxiety) indices as well as 12 discrete stereotypical behaviors such as leaning, jumping, and pausing. Most measurements count the number of 5 second intervals where a specific action occurred one or more times, during a 10 minute testing period.

Procedures conducted:
• open field test  Exploratory, anxiety-related behavior. 10 min test.

Mice: wild-derived Mishima   12 strains   ♀♂   age 10wks   1 experimental group