Lake1: Multi-system analysis of mouse physiology, C57BL/6J-Chr#A/J/NaJ chromosome substitution panel (2005)

Lake J, Donahue L, Davisson MT

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Ontology terms mapped to Lake1 measures:
    MA:0000010   cardiovascular system
    MA:0000059   blood
    MA:0000072   heart
    MA:0002501   plasma
    MP:0000180   abnormal circulating cholesterol level
    MP:0000184   abnormal circulating HDL cholesterol level
    MP:0000188   abnormal circulating glucose level
    MP:0000203   abnormal circulating aspartate transaminase level
    MP:0000217   abnormal leukocyte cell number
    MP:0000226   abnormal mean corpuscular volume
    MP:0000230   abnormal systemic arterial blood pressure
    MP:0000717   abnormal lymphocyte cell number
    MP:0001553   abnormal circulating free fatty acids level
    MP:0001569   abnormal circulating bilirubin level
    MP:0001586   abnormal erythrocyte cell number
    MP:0001588   abnormal hemoglobin
    MP:0001589   abnormal mean corpuscular hemoglobin
    MP:0001629   abnormal heart rate
    MP:0002586   abnormal platelet volume
    MP:0002596   abnormal hematocrit
    MP:0002602   abnormal eosinophil cell number
    MP:0003898   abnormal QRS complex
    MP:0003899   abnormal QT interval
    MP:0003901   abnormal PR interval
    MP:0005640   abnormal mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration
    MP:0008849   abnormal hemoglobin concentration distribution width
    MP:0010066   abnormal red blood cell distribution width
    MP:0010504   abnormal RR interval
    MP:0010695   abnormal blood pressure regulation
    MP:0011898   abnormal platelet cell number
    MP:0011913   abnormal reticulocyte cell number
    MP:0011918   abnormal PQ interval
    MP:0011969   abnormal circulating triglyceride level
    MP:0012360   abnormal large unstained cell number
    MP:0012397   abnormal nucleated erythrocyte cell number
    MP:0012440   abnormal neutrophil cell number
    MP:0012441   abnormal monocyte cell number
    MP:0012442   abnormal basophil cell number
    VT:0000180   blood cholesterol amount
    VT:0000183   blood pressure trait
    VT:0000184   blood HDL cholesterol amount
    VT:0000188   blood glucose amount
    VT:0000203   blood aspartate transaminase amount
    VT:0000217   leukocyte quantity
    VT:0000222   neutrophil quantity
    VT:0000223   monocyte quantity
    VT:0000231   heart excitatory physiology trait
    VT:0000248   erythrocyte size trait
    VT:0000717   lymphocyte quantity
    VT:0001553   blood free fatty acid amount
    VT:0001569   blood bilirubin amount
    VT:0001586   erythrocyte quantity
    VT:0001588   blood hemoglobin amount
    VT:0002447   erythrocyte morphology trait
    VT:0002602   eosinophil quantity
    VT:0002607   basophil quantity
    VT:0002644   blood triglyceride amount
    VT:0003135   reticulocyte quantity
    VT:0003179   platelet quantity
    VT:0004152   blood iron amount
    VT:0010457   platelet size trait
    VT:2000009   heart pumping trait
Participants Jeffrey Lake       The Jackson Laboratory,  Bar Harbor, ME
Leah Rae Donahue       The Jackson Laboratory,  Bar Harbor, ME
Muriel T Davisson       The Jackson Laboratory,  Bar Harbor, ME
ContactJeffrey Lake
Part of a series: • physiology   (this project) Lake1
• SHIRPA   see Lake2
• behavior   see Lake3
Project type Phenotype strain survey data set
MPD identifiersLake1     MPD:199
Data changelog 1 update/correction.       Initial release date: 10/2007.
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Animals were evaluated in these areas: hematology, blood chemistry, lung function, blood pressure and pulse, and electrocardiogram.

Summary of procedures that were conducted
• complete blood count Hematology.
• metabolic panel Glucose, bilirubin, aspartate transaminase (plasma). 4h fast.
• lipid profile Cholesterol, HDL, triglycerides, fatty acids. 4h fast, plasma.
• ECG Heart rate and wave intervals. Conscious.
• tail cuff Heart rate and blood pressure. Conscious mice.
Mice: B6.A consomic w/par   23 strains   ♀♂   age 7-11wks   1 cohort