CSNA03: Behavioral phenotypes on cocaine self-administration, acute drug response, impulsivity, reward seeking, and circadian dysregulation in Collaborative Cross strains of mice, Diversity Outbred mice, and their 8 founder inbred strains (2021)

Chesler EJ, Gagnon L, Jentsch JD, Logan RW, Philip VM, Reinholdt L, Tarantino LM   With: Roy T, Wilcox T, Olsen A, Caldwell S, Datta U, Kim SM, Bagley J, Bailey L, Dickson PE, He H, Gargano M, Dunn M, Dionne L, Olivier C

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Ontology terms mapped to CSNA03 measures:
  MP:0001362   abnormal anxiety-related response
  MP:0001392   abnormal locomotor behavior
  MP:0001408   stereotypic behavior
  MP:0001988   cocaine preference
  MP:0002063   abnormal learning/memory/conditioning
  MP:0002803   abnormal operant conditioning behavior
  MP:0003107   abnormal response to novelty
  MP:0010698   abnormal impulsive behavior control
  MP:0013189   abnormal exploration in a new environment
  MP:0020158   abnormal behavioral response to cocaine
  MP:0020414   abnormal fibroblast physiology
  MP:0020467   abnormal circadian behavior
  MP:0020895   abnormal acute locomotor response to cocaine
  MP:0020896   abnormal locomotor sensitization to cocaine
  MP:0020897   abnormal initiation of locomotor sensitization to cocaine
  MP:0020898   abnormal expression of locomotor sensitization to cocaine
  MP:0020899   abnormal cocaine conditioned locomotor activation
  VT:0001392   locomotor behavior trait
  VT:0002063   learning/memory/conditioning trait
  VT:0010455   rhythmic behavior trait
  VT:0010459   behavioral response to novel environment trait
  VT:0010471   exploratory behavior trait
  VT:0010473   impulsivity behavior trait
  VT:0010531   operant conditioning behavior trait
  VT:0010716   anxiety-related behavior trait
  VT:0010718   response to cocaine trait
  VT:0010748   stereotypic behavior trait

Investigators Elissa J Chesler       The Jackson Laboratory,  Bar Harbor, ME
Leona Gagnon       The Jackson Laboratory,  Bar Harbor, ME
J D Jentsch       Binghamton University,  Binghamton, NY
Ryan W Logan       The Jackson Laboratory,  Bar Harbor, ME
Vivek M Philip       The Jackson Laboratory,  Bar Harbor, ME
Laura Reinholdt       The Jackson Laboratory,  Bar Harbor, ME
Lisa M Tarantino       University of North Carolina,  Chapel Hill, NC
Participants Roy T, Wilcox T, Olsen A, Caldwell S, Datta U, Kim SM, Bagley J, Bailey L, Dickson PE, He H, Gargano M, Dunn M, Dionne L, Olivier C
ContactElissa J Chesler     elissa.chesler@jax.org     Lab web site
Affiliated CenterCenter for Systems Neurogenetics of Addiction (CSNA)
Project type Phenotype strain survey data set
MPD identifiersCSNA03     MPD:626
Data changelog 2 updates/corrections.       Initial release date: 02/2022.
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Procedures conducted:
• open field test  Distance traveled, habituation ratio, number of rears, ambulatory time, time in perimeter, corners, and center; cocaine sensitization.
• light-dark box  Distance traveled, ambulatory time and counts, resting time, stereotypic time and counts, jumping time and counts, vertical time and counts, time in light/dark.
• hole board test  Number of entries, novel entries, and repeat entries.
• conditioned place preference test  In novel zone: exploration counts, entrance counts, time spent, activity counts, movement counts.
• operant conditioning chamber  Number of infusions, active lever presses, inactive lever presses, intravenous self administration, reversal learning.
• in vitro assay  Circadian parameters in fibroblast cultures: period, amplitude, phase, damping rate, goodness of fit.

Mice: CC w/CC8   62 strains   ♀♂   age 4-25wks