Phenotype measures directly associated with ontology term
MP:0005386   'behavior/neurological phenotype'
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This list only includes measures mapped to MP:0005386 directly. Measures mapped to its ontology descendants are not included. Alternatively, you can show measures mapped to MP:0005386 AND its descendants.
MP:0000436   abnormal head movements
MP:0000950   abnormal seizure response to pharmacological agent
MP:0001360   abnormal social investigation
MP:0001362   abnormal anxiety-related response
MP:0001386   abnormal maternal nurturing
MP:0001388   abnormal stationary movement
MP:0001392   abnormal locomotor behavior
MP:0001406   abnormal gait
MP:0001408   stereotypic behavior
MP:0001425   abnormal alcohol consumption
MP:0001432   abnormal food preference
MP:0001440   abnormal grooming behavior
MP:0001454   abnormal cued conditioning behavior
MP:0001460   abnormal olfactory discrimination memory
MP:0001463   abnormal spatial learning
MP:0001469   abnormal contextual conditioning behavior
MP:0001486   abnormal startle reflex
MP:0001492   abnormal pilomotor reflex
MP:0001504   abnormal posture
MP:0001513   limb grasping
MP:0001515   abnormal grip strength
MP:0001516   abnormal motor coordination/balance
MP:0001529   abnormal vocalization
MP:0001650   abnormal seizure response to electrical stimulation
MP:0001961   abnormal reflex
MP:0001988   cocaine preference
MP:0002061   abnormal aggression-related behavior
MP:0002062   abnormal associative learning
MP:0002063   abnormal learning/memory/conditioning
MP:0002065   abnormal fear/anxiety-related behavior
MP:0002066   abnormal motor capabilities/coordination/movement
MP:0002553   preference for addictive substance
MP:0002733   abnormal thermal nociception
MP:0002734   abnormal mechanical nociception
MP:0002735   abnormal chemical nociception
MP:0002798   abnormal active avoidance behavior
MP:0002799   abnormal passive avoidance behavior
MP:0002803   abnormal operant conditioning behavior
MP:0002822   catalepsy
MP:0002849   abnormal saccharin consumption
MP:0002862   altered righting response
MP:0003106   abnormal fear-related response
MP:0003107   abnormal response to novelty
MP:0003312   abnormal locomotor coordination
MP:0003360   abnormal depression-related behavior
MP:0003461   abnormal response to novel object
MP:0003492   abnormal involuntary movement
MP:0004262   abnormal physical strength
MP:0004263   abnormal limb posture
MP:0005316   abnormal response to tactile stimuli
MP:0005449   abnormal food intake
MP:0008414   abnormal spatial reference memory
MP:0009711   abnormal conditioned place preference behavior
MP:0009745   abnormal behavioral response to xenobiotic
MP:0009774   abnormal behavioral withdrawal response
MP:0010165   abnormal response to stress-induced hyperthermia
MP:0010698   abnormal impulsive behavior control
MP:0011396   abnormal sleep behavior
MP:0011947   abnormal fluid intake
MP:0012690   abnormal stride length
MP:0012733   abnormal behavioral response to methamphetamine
MP:0013189   abnormal exploration in a new environment
MP:0014039   abnormal sheltering behavior
MP:0020157   abnormal behavioral response to alcohol
MP:0020158   abnormal behavioral response to cocaine
MP:0020159   abnormal behavioral response to morphine
MP:0020160   abnormal behavioral response to nicotine
MP:0020167   abnormal vertical activity
MP:0020467   abnormal circadian behavior
MP:0020895   abnormal acute locomotor response to cocaine
MP:0020896   abnormal locomotor sensitization to cocaine
MP:0020897   abnormal initiation of locomotor sensitization to cocaine
MP:0020898   abnormal expression of locomotor sensitization to cocaine
MP:0020899   abnormal cocaine conditioned locomotor activation