Project measure / variable:   Frankel1   E_MC_SL_TC

ID, description, units MPD:5603   E_MC_SL_TC   median critical current (CC50), transcorneal stimulation (at SL)   [mA]  
Data set, strains Frankel1   inbred   8 strains     sex: both     age: 6-11wks
Procedure electroconvulsion test
Availability note:Individual animal data were not submitted. Some functionality not available.
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Frankel1 - median critical current (CC50), transcorneal stimulation (at SL)

Measure Summary FemaleMale
Number of strains tested3 strains7 strains
Mean of the strain means4.63   mA 5.49   mA
Median of the strain means5.01   mA 5.78   mA
SD of the strain means± 1.75 ± 0.977
Coefficient of variation (CV)0.378 0.178
Min–max range of strain means2.72   –   6.16   mA 3.89   –   6.79   mA
Mean sample size per strain23.0   mice 34.6   mice

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Strain Sex Mean SD N mice SEM CV Min, Max Z score
129S1/SvImJ m 5.78 None   43 None None 0.29
A/J m 5.88 None   20 None None 0.4
BALB/cByJ m 6.07 None   47 None None 0.59
C3HeB/FeJ f 5.01 None   26 None None 0.22
C3HeB/FeJ m 5.5 None   42 None None 0.01
C57BL/6J f 6.16 None   24 None None 0.87
C57BL/6J m 6.79 None   40 None None 1.33
CBA/J m 4.54 None   30 None None -0.98
DBA/1J f 2.72 None   19 None None -1.09
FVB/NJ m 3.89 None   20 None None -1.64

GWAS analysis not available: Individual animal data not submitted