Phenotype measures associated with ontology term
VT:0005389   'reproductive system trait'
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All measures in this list are mapped to this term or its descendants.
VT:0000000   mammary gland secreted fluid morphology trait
VT:0000627   mammary gland morphology trait
VT:0000655   sex gland size trait
VT:0001119   female reproductive system morphology trait
VT:0001125   oocyte morphology trait
VT:0001126   ovary morphology trait
VT:0001139   vagina morphology trait
VT:0001142   vaginal opening morphology trait
VT:0001145   male reproductive system morphology trait
VT:0001146   testis morphology trait
VT:0001148   testis size trait
VT:0001919   reproductive system physiology trait
VT:0001922   male fertility trait
VT:0001923   female fertility trait
VT:0001938   time of sexual maturation trait
VT:0002059   seminal gland morphology trait
VT:0002160   reproductive system morphology trait
VT:0002161   female fecundity trait
VT:0002208   germ cell morphology trait
VT:0002209   germ cell quantity
VT:0002210   sex determination trait
VT:0002212   secondary sex determination trait
VT:0002216   seminiferous tubule morphology trait
VT:0002292   gestation period duration
VT:0002631   epididymis morphology trait
VT:0002636   time of vaginal opening
VT:0002673   sperm quantity
VT:0002674   sperm motility trait
VT:0002997   seminal gland size trait
VT:0003698   male reproductive system physiology trait
VT:0003699   female reproductive system physiology trait
VT:0003830   testis development trait
VT:0003936   reproductive system development trait
VT:0004047   milk trait
VT:0004244   spontaneous abortion trait
VT:0005410   fertilization trait
VT:0005431   oocyte quantity
VT:0010019   epididymis mass
VT:0010042   sperm morphology trait
VT:0010288   milk mineral amount
VT:0010290   milk calcium amount
VT:0010291   milk potassium amount
VT:0010292   milk sodium amount
VT:0010293   milk phosphorus amount
VT:0010295   milk magnesium amount
VT:0010464   fertility trait
VT:0010710   milk copper amount
VT:0010711   milk iron amount
VT:0010714   milk zinc content
VT:0010808   milk sulfur amount
VT:1000181   viable offspring quantity
VT:1000189   offspring quantity
VT:1000644   testis mass