DiPetrillo3: Blood pressure in F2 progeny from a C3H x SWR intercross (2004)

DiPetrillo K, Tsaih SW, Sheehan S, Johns C, Kelmenson P, Gavras H, Churchill GA, Paigen B. Genetic analysis of blood pressure in C3H/HeJ and SWR/J mice. Physiol Genomics. 2004 Apr 13;17(2):215-20.   PubMed 14996992  

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Investigators Keith DiPetrillo       Novartis,  East Hanover, NJ
Participants Tsaih SW, Sheehan S, Johns C, Kelmenson P, Gavras H, Churchill GA, Paigen B
ContactKeith DiPetrillo     keith.dipetrillo@novartis.com
Affiliated CenterQTL Archive
AcknowledgementsThis work was supported National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute Program for Genomic Applications Grants HL-66611, by the Specialized Centers of Research (SCOR) Program Grant HL-55001, and by National Institutes of Health Cancer Core Grant CA-34196 to The Jackson Laboratory.
Project type QTL Archive data set
MPD identifiersDiPetrillo3     MPD:139
Data changelog No updates/corrections.       Initial release date: 10/2009.
This cross is designed to identify the genetic loci that control systolic blood pressure in intercross: C3H/HeJ X SWR/J (C3HxSWR). Total of 217 F2 mice with 103 SSLP markers were used in the final QTL analysis. For detailed protocols see DiPetrillo et al 2004.

QTL data set parameters:
Progenitor strains C3H/HeJ     SWR/J    
Cross direction notation(C3HxSWR) F1 x (C3HxSWR) F1; (SWRxC3H) F1 x (SWRxC3H) F1
Cross typeF2 reciprocal intercross
Population size 102 ♀     115 ♂

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Associated genomic features
MGI-curated QTL / genomic features that have been associated with this data set:
Bpq8   Bpq9  

Project / data set:   DiPetrillo3     a.k.a. Dipetrillo_2004
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