Moore1: QTL mapping in Arabidopsis recombinant inbred lines (2013)

Moore CR, Johnson LS, Kwak IY, Livny M, Broman KW, Spalding EP. High-throughput computer vision introduces the time axis to a quantitative trait map of a plant growth response. Genetics. 2013 Nov;195(3):1077-86. doi: 10.1534/genetics.113.153346. Epub 2013 Aug 26.   PubMed 23979570     FullText

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Participants C R Moore
Karl W Broman       University of Wisconsin Madison, WI
With: Johnson LS, Kwak IY, Livny M, Spalding EP
ContactKarl W Broman
AffiliationChurchill Group QTL Archive
AcknowledgementsThis work was supported by National Institutes of Health grant GM074244 to Karl W. Broman and by grant IOS-1031416 from the National Science Foundation Plant Genome Research Program to Edgar P. Spalding.
Project type QTL Archive data set
MPD identifiersMoore1     MPD:281
Data changelog No updates/corrections.       Initial release date: 08/2013.
We used automated image acquisition and analysis to quantify the gravitropic response of the Arabidopsis seedling root with high time resolution (measurements every 2 min) in members of the Ler x Cvi population of near-isogenic lines. The phenotype is a time series of root tip angle measurements.

QTL data set parameters:
Near-isogenic lines (Ler x Cvi population)       Moore1
Cross typeother

RIL1 (Ler x Cvi population)       Moore1b
Cross typeother

RIL2 (Ler x Cvi population)       Moore1c
Cross typeother

For information on measured phenotypes please see the Excel file.

Near-isogenic lines (Ler x Cvi population)     Moore1     a.k.a. Moore_2013a
Excel file:   Data_Description_NIL_Moore2013.xlsx
CSV file:   NIL_GraviInput.csv

RIL1 (Ler x Cvi population)     Moore1b     a.k.a. Moore_2013b
Excel file:   Data_Description_RIL1_Moore2013.xlsx
CSV file:   RIL1_GraviInput.csv

RIL2 (Ler x Cvi population)     Moore1c     a.k.a. Moore_2013c
Excel file:   Data_Description_RIL2_Moore2013.xlsx
CSV file:   RIL2_GraviInput.csv