Nishihara1: Blood pressure in F2 progeny from C3H x NZO and NZO x C3H intercross populations (2007)

Nishihara E, Tsaih SW, Tsukahara C, Langley S, Sheehan S, Dipetrillo K, Kunita S, Yagami K, Churchill GA, Paigen B, Sugiyama F. Quantitative trait loci associated with blood pressure of metabolic syndrome in the progeny of NZO/HILtJ x C3H/HeJ intercrosses. Mamm Genome. 2007 Aug;18(8):573-83. Epub 2007 Jul 20.   PubMed 17641813  

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Investigators E Nishihara
Gary A Churchill       The Jackson Laboratory,  Bar Harbor, ME
Participants Tsaih SW, Tsukahara C, Langley S, Sheehan S, DiPetrillo K, Kunita S, Yagami K, Paigen B, Sugiyama F
ContactGary A Churchill
Affiliated CenterQTL Archive
AcknowledgementsThis work was supported by Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport, Science and Technology of Japan (to FS, KS, and KY).
Project type QTL Archive data set
MPD identifiersNishihara1     MPD:203
Data changelog No updates/corrections.       Initial release date: 01/2011.
This cross is designed to identify the genetic loci that control systolic and diastolic blood pressure in two intercrosses: C3H/HeJ X NZO/HILtJ (C3HxNZO) and NZOxC3H. There are 131 and 91 male F2 progeny from NZO lineage group and C3H lineage group, respectively. Total of 222 F2 mice with 92 genetic markers were used in the final QTL analysis (see note 1 in README file). Approximate coordinates for QTL analysis in centimorgans were obtained by dividing positions in megabases (Mb) by a factor of 2 (mouse genome build 33). The validity of this approximation was confirmed by comparison to estimated map positions in R/qtl. Systolic blood pressure (SBP) was strongly correlated with diastolic blood pressure (DBP) in the study population. Hence, we applied principal component analysis (PCA) to SBP and DBP to obtain the first principal component (PC1) that best explains the variation in blood pressure traits. QTL mapping for PC1 of blood pressure was performed using R/qtl. For detailed protocols see Nishihara et al 2007.

QTL data set parameters:
Progenitor strains C3H/HeJ     NZO/HlLtJ    
Cross direction notation(C3HxNZO) F1 x (C3HxNZO) F1; (NZOxC3H) F1 x (NZOxC3H) F1
Cross typeF2 intercross
Population size 0 ♀     222 ♂

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Associated genomic features
MGI-curated QTL / genomic features that have been associated with this data set:
Bpq21   Bpq22   Bpq23  

Project / data set:   Nishihara1     a.k.a. Nishihara_2007
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CSV file:   Nishihara2007_C3HxNZO_B37_Data.csv
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