Studies involving behavior observation      

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Data set Procedure What's in this data set Panel Sex Age (weeks) Year
Chesler2 behavior observation Wildness scoring. CC diallel w/par   (62) both 7-15wks 2011
Chesler3 behavior observation Wildness scoring. CC pre w/par   (367) both 7-15wks 2011
Crowley1 behavior observation
with haloperidol
Observed involuntary repetitive movement. Baseline vs. during and after haloperidol 60d implant (several timepoints). inbred w/CC8   (27) m 9-28wks 2012
Crusio1 behavior observation Inter-male agression. BXD w/par   (55) both 10-16wks 2018
Gould2 behavior observation
with nicotine
Observed measures of anxiety. Nicotine (high dose) vs. control. 20 min period. inbred   (8) m 8-12wks 2011
Gould3 behavior observation
with nicotine
Observed measures of anxiety during nicotine withdrawal. Nicotine (several high doses) vs. control. inbred   (8) m 8-12wks 2011
Metten1 behavior observation
with ethanol
Observed gait, hindlimb splay 10 min and 30 min after ethanol i.p. (several doses). inbred   (9) both 8-11wks 2004
Metten2 behavior observation
with ethanol
Ethanol withdrawal severity and handling-induced convulsions. inbred   (15) m 8-11wks 2005
Neuner1 behavior observation Sensorimotor composite score, age 6 mo and 14 mo. F1 AD-BXD   (55) both 7-65wks 2019
Wahlsten2 behavior observation Wildness scoring during various phenotyping tests. inbred   (21) both 10-12wks 2003
Xenakis1 behavior observation Vacuous chewing, tongue protrusion, jaw tremor. CC RIX   (73) both 7-13wks 2020