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VT:0005667   'blood leptin amount'
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Data set Procedure What's in this data set Panel Sex Age (weeks) Year
Brockmann1 study archive Body, organ weights, litter size, abdominal fat, lipids, insulin, leptin. QTL population both 3-6wks 2009
Cheverud1 hormone quantification
with high-fat diet
Insulin, leptin. LGXSM w/par   (19) both 12-16wks 2004
Leiter2 study archive Type 1 diabetes development study. QTL population f 14-40wks 2009
Naggert1 hormone quantification
with high-fat diet
Insulin and leptin after 18wks on high-fat diet. Multiple readings per animal were averaged. inbred w/CC7   (43) both 5, 21 wks 2003
Solberg1 study archive Open field test, forced swim test, defensive burying task. QTL population both 11-17wks 2004
Zhang1 study archive
with western diet
Atherosclerosis and glucose homeostasis. Lesions, lipids, glucose, insulin. High-fat, western-style diet. QTL population f <6-18wks 2012