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VT:0010709   'behavioral response to novel object trait'
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Data set Procedure What's in this data set Panel Sex Age (weeks) Year
Dickson2 monitoring system
with cocaine
Novelty preference test (preference for novel side vs. familiar side). 10 min test. DO population both 12-16wks 2015
Jaxpheno7 observation (SHIRPA) Behavior, and neurosensory responses (SHIRPA protocol). inbred   (6) m 10wks 2010
Kliethermes1 hole board test Head dipping and other activity measures, hole board with and without objects in two of the holes. 10 min test. inbred   (14) both 8wks 2006
Moy1 three chamber assay Sociability and preference for social novelty. Autism-relevant behaviors. inbred   (17) m 6-7wks 2008
Schalkwyk1 open field test Locomotor activity and exploratory behavior. 5 min test. inbred   (8) m 9-11wks 2010
Shin1 three chamber assay Sociability testing. Tolerance of a novel mouse, a novel object, and second novel mouse vs. first. 10 min test. inbred   (11) m 12-14wks 2016
Spijker2 home cage monitoring Exploratory behavior. 4 min and 10 min tests. inbred   (12) m 6wks 2009