Studies involving microscopy      

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Data set Procedure What's in this data set Panel Sex Age (weeks) Year
Attie2 microscopy
with high-fat high-sucrose diet
Number of islets harvested. DO population both 4-26wks 2018
Gros2 microscopy
with Plasmodium chabaudi
Percent of Plasmodium chabaudi-infected erythrocytes in blood. inbred   (25) both 8-10wks 2012
Kas1 microscopy Ventral root axon morphology. Nervous system microscopy. inbred   (6) m 20-34wks 2009
Lazear1 microscopy Male reproductive sperm motility. Computer assisted sperm analysis. CC   (12) m 13-21wks 2018
Lionikas1 microscopy
with exercise
Muscle fibers. Exercised (swim endurance training regimen) vs. control at weekly intervals for 5wks. inbred   (6) m 11-14wks 2012
Odet2 microscopy Male reproductive sperm motility. inbred w/CC8   (8) m 10-66wks 2015
Rhodes1 microscopy
with exercise
Examination of hippocampus dentate gyrus. Exercise wheel group vs. control group. inbred   (12) both 8-15wks 2010
Shorter4 microscopy Sperm motility CC   (12) m 15-33wks 2020
Shorter5 microscopy Sperm motility CC RIX   (28) m 7-44wks 2020
Shorter6 microscopy Sperm motility. CC   (12) m 15-33wks 2020
Shorter7 microscopy Sperm motility. CC RIX   (28) m 7-44wks 2020
Shorter8 microscopy Sperm motility DO population m 12-15wks 2020