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VT:0001146   'testis morphology trait'
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Data set Procedure What's in this data set Panel Sex Age (weeks) Year
Ankra-Badu1 study archive Body, organ, fat pad weights, weight gain, litter size. QTL population both 2-10wks 2009
Chesler3 organ weights Heart, brain, kidney, spleen, gonadal fat pads, testicle weights. CC pre w/par   (367) both 7-15wks 2011
Dzur-Gejdosova1 study archive Sterility investigation. Sperm count, testes weight. QTL population m 9wks 2012
Handel1 organ weights Male reproductive organ weights. Seminal vesicles, testicles. inbred   (14) m 8-10wks 2010
Klaassen1 histopathology
with cadmium
Cadmium-induced toxicity to liver, testis, trigeminal ganglia. inbred   (8) m 8wks 2001
Lazear1 organ weights Testis weight. CC   (12) m 13-21wks 2018
Odet1 organ weights Male reproductive organ weights. Testes, seminal vesicles, epididymis, vas deferens. inbred   (8) m 10-66wks 2015
Odet1 histopathology Male reproductive histopathology. Percent normal vs. abnormal sperm, seminiferous tubules. inbred   (8) m 10-66wks 2015
Payseur2 study archive Hybrid male sterility. Morphology, sperm count, histopathology. QTL population m 10-11wks 2018