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Data set Procedure What's in this data set Panel Sex Age (weeks) Year
Ackerman1 study archive
with methacholine
Lung, respiratory function, baseline and methacholine-challenged (several doses). airway resistance MCh QTL population f 7-8wks 2005
Berndt1 ventilator
with methacholine
Airway resistance. Baseline vs. methacholine-challenged (several doses). None MCh inbred   (37) both 9-12wks 2010
Berndt2 ventilator
with methacholine
Lung, respiratory function. Anesthetized forced oscillation. Baseline vs. methacholine-challenged (several doses). Lung volume, compliance, airflow, airway resistance MCh inbred   (29) both 9-12wks 2010
Schulz1 ventilator Lung, respiratory function. airway resistance, compliance, volumns, mechanics, Fowler volume, gas mixing and diffusing, airflow None inbred   (7) both 9-18wks 2000