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VT:0003398   'skeletal muscle size trait'
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Data set Procedure What's in this data set Panel Sex Age (weeks) Year
Auwerx1 organ weights
with high-fat diet
Skeletal muscle, soleus muscle, heart, kidney, liver, various fat pads. BXD w/par   (57) m 8-29 wks 2016
Donahue2 DXA Femur bone mineral density and content, thigh cross sectional areas. inbred   (10) both 16wks 2004
Karst1 study archive Characterization of high-muscle-mass mice. QTL population both 3-10wks 2011
Lionikas1 microscopy
with exercise
Muscle fibers. Exercised (swim endurance training regimen) vs. control at weekly intervals for 5wks. inbred   (6) m 11-14wks 2012