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MP:0011947   'abnormal fluid intake'
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Data set Procedure What's in this data set Panel Sex Age (weeks) Year
Bachmanov1 intake monitoring Water intake. Daily. inbred   (13) m 7-8wks 2011
Evsikova1 intake monitoring Food intake, water intake at 6mo. Light phase, dark phase, total. inbred   (14) both 25wks 2009
GMC09 intake monitoring Food, water intake. 21h test. inbred w/CC8   (8) both 12-13wks 2020
McMullan7 intake monitoring
with exercise
Food and water intake, during 4 weeks of treadmill-based exercise training. 3 intensity cohorts. CC   (4) both 8-10wks 2018
Seburn1 intake monitoring Food, caloric, and water intake. Daily. inbred   (16) both 7-9wks 2001
Tordoff2 intake monitoring Food intake, water intake. Daily. inbred   (28) m 4-12wks 2001
Xenakis2 intake monitoring
with arsenic
Food and water consumption, at baseline then at 1 to 4 wk intervals after iAs exposure DO population m 4-34 wks 2022
Zimmermann1 intake monitoring Food and water intake; 2-day test, second day data analyzed during 12:12h light and dark periods. inbred   (30) both 7-15 wks 2020