SNP data retrieval utility

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1 Specify genes | regions:
A gene symbol Trpa1
A coordinate range in bp 3:38570000-39250000
A coordinate range in Mbp 3:38.57-39.25
A dbSNP rs number rs3687572
Several gene symbols * Trpa1   Cbs   Kitl
Several coordinate ranges * 3:38.57-39.25   3:44-45   3:52-52.5
Several dbSNP rs numbers * rs3687572   rs6207101   rs30700465
A mixture of items * Trpa1   3:38570000-39250000   rs6207101
Entire chromosome 3:all   (not allowed with Sanger data)
Entire genome all       (not allowed with Sanger data)
* up to 50 items may be given
Only current MGI gene / marker symbols are recognized.
Include additional flank         upstream: bp       downstream: bp

2 Filter on dbSNP functional annotation?  

3 Select data set

4 Select strains

5 Strain polymorphism filtering

    Include indels