Jaxwest2 animal documentation

Neoplasia induction in NOD.CB17-Prkdcscid/J female mice by passage of live tumor cells (HT29)   (2007)

Jackson Laboratory
With: Yang Y, Rodriguez R, Braun M, Clary D

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Jaxwest2 Animal Documentation



Neoplasia induction in NOD.CB17-Prkdcscid/J by passage of live tumor cells (HT-29)

Animal Documentation


Shipment: Mice were obtained at 6 wks of age from The Jackson Laboratory (Bar Harbor, ME)

Historical anchor: Date of Birth = 24 APR 2007 ± 3 days

Acclimation and testing periods:

Test facility JaxWest, Sacramento CA USA
Tagging Ear-notch upon arrival
Acclimation duration at test facility 12 days
Age at testing 7-12 wks
Feed LabDiet 5LL4, ad libitum
Water Filtered tap (Sacramento CA), acidified to pH 2.8-3.2
Housing Positively ventilated polycarbonate cages with HEPA filtered air; 4 mice per cage
Bedding Bed-o-cob, changed every two weeks or as needed
Ventilation 15 air exchanges per hour
Lighting Artificial, fluorescent
Photoperiod 12h-light/dark cycle (0700h to 1900h)
Temperature 22° ± 4°C
Relative humidity 50% ± 15%
Health status Clinical observations conducted regularly

Jaxwest2 Protocol