JaxKOMP-LAP project protocol

Multisystem phenotyping of KOMP strains and C57BL/6NJ controls, late adult mice   (2021)

JAX KOMP Phenotyping Center

The IMPC Jax KOMP phenotyping pipeline was utilized.
Observed age of test

Grip strength 66-72 wks
Open field 66-72 wks
SHIRPA and dysmorphology 66-72 wks
Y-maze (no published protocol at this time) 69-73 wks
Hole-board exploration 67-73 wks
Light-dark test 67-73 wks
Auditory brain stem response 74-78 wks
Acoustic startle and pre-pulse inhibition 68-72 wks
Rotarod Not done
Electrocardiogram 69-75 wks
Tail suspension test Not done
Intraperitoneal glucose tolerance test 70-76 wks
Urinalysis Not done
Plasma chemistry Not done
X-ray Not done
Body composition / DXA 72-78 wks
Eye morphology 72-79 wks
Sleep / wake Not done
Electroretinography   ...or...   Electroretinography 2 Not done
Clinical chemistry 75-81 wks
Heart weight 75-81 wks
Electroconvulsive threshold testing Not done
Hematology 75-81 wks
Insulin blood level Not done