CGDpheno2: Variation over time for C57BL/6J controls, multi-system survey of mouse physiology (2009)

Center for Genome Dynamics (CGD)   With: Korstanje R, Svenson K, Churchill G, Yang H

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Institutional authorship Center for Genome Dynamics (CGD)     Lab web site
Participants Korstanje R, Svenson K, Churchill G, Yang H
ContactRon Korstanje     Lab web site
AffiliationCenter for Genome Dynamics (CGD)
Part of a series: • survey of 72 strains   see CGDpheno1
• B6 controls sampled over time   (this project) CGDpheno2
Project type One-strain study
MPD identifiersCGDpheno2     MPD:319
Data changelog No updates/corrections.       Initial release date: 06/2012.
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Data were collected for 127 female and 111 male C57BL/6J mice 10-13 weeks of age, from January 2002 through June 2004. The plots below show individual C57BL/6J animal readings over time.

Same participants and protocol as in the companion data set CGDpheno1

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WBC   white blood cell count (WBC; per volume x 103) [n/µL]

RBC   red blood cell count (RBC; per volume x 106) [n/µL]

pctNEUT   neutrophil differential (percent of total WBC) [%]

pctLYMP   lymphocyte differential (percent of total WBC) [%]

pctMONO   monocyte differential (percent of total WBC) [%]

pctEOS   eosinophil differential (percent of total WBC) [%]

PLT   platelet count (PLT; units per volume x 103) [n/µL]

MPV   mean platelet volume (MPV) [fL]

HCT   hematocrit (HCT) [%]

mHGB   measured hemoglobin (HGB) [g/dL]

MCV   mean RBC corpuscular volume (MCV) [fL]

MCH   mean RBC corpuscular hemoglobin content (MCH) [pg]

MCHC   mean RBC corpuscular hemoglobin concentration (MCHC) [g/dL]

RDW   RBC corpuscular distribution width (RDW) [%]

HDW   hemoglobin concentration distribution width (HDW) [g/dL]

pct_Retic   reticulocyte differential (percent of total RBC) [%]

CHOL   total cholesterol (plasma CHOL) [mg/dL]

HDLD   HDL cholesterol (plasma HDL) [mg/dL]

TG   triglycerides (plasma TG, 4h fast) [mg/dL]

NEFA   non-esterified free fatty acids (plasma NEFA, FFA) [mEq/L]

GLU   glucose (plasma GLU, 4h fast) [mg/dL]

sodium   sodium (plasma Na) [mmol/L]

potassium   potassium (plasma K) [mmol/L]

chloride   chloride (plasma Cl) [mmol/L]

TBIL   total bilirubin (plasma TBIL) [µmol/L]

carbon_dioxide   dissolved-ionized carbon dioxide (CO2) [mmol/L]

BUN   blood urea nitrogen (BUN) [mg/dL]

T4   thyroxine (plasma T4) [µg/dL]

BMD   whole body bone mineral density (BMD) [g/cm2]

TTM   total tissue mass, head excluded [g]

LTM   lean tissue mass, head excluded [g]

pctFat   percent fat, head excluded [%]

bodyweight   body weight [g]

bodylength   body length (tip of nose to base of tail) [cm]