RIKEN-EAD1 project protocol

Blood chemistry, hematology, and body size for 56 inbred mouse strains (RBRC)   (2008)

RIKEN BioResource Center / Experimental Animal Division
With: Yoshiki A


Project protocol — Contents



Blood chemistry

Blood hematology

Body weight and length, tail length

Data collected by investigators

Data were downloaded from RIKEN (BRC Mouse Phenome Database_ RMPD) with the vendor codes RIKEN provided, with the exception that "Rbrc" was appended to strain names following International Strain Nomenclature Standards. The RIKEN download contained means, n, range, and variance for each strain (by sex). From variance MPD computed standard error (SEM), where SEM = variance ÷ n .

• blood chemistry

• blood hematology

• body weight and length, tail length