Data changelog for Peters1

2006/02/06 Correction Project: Peters1
In the protocol doc, hematology sample collection description was changed.

2004/08/20 Correction Project: Peters1
Fixed error in meas description for retic (6217)

2003/04/18 Update Project: Peters1
Update of advia data for 13 strains.

2003/03/26 Update Project: Peters1
Complete update from laboratory.

2001/11/07 Update Project: Peters1
Data from additional animals and additional strains was added.

2001/11/07 Update Project: Peters1
Blood plasma measurements (hdlc 1, chol 1, glu 1, and tg 1) were moved from this project into mpd:99.

2001/08/20 Correction Project: Peters1
Fixed incorrect strain name. 'sjl/bm' corrected to 'sjl/j'. no numeric data were changed.