Paigen3 images

Diet effects on gallstone formation, liver pathology, plasma lipids, and pathogen-accelerated atherosclerosis in 8 obesity mutant mouse strains   (2000)

Paigen B, Bouchard G, Carey MC
With: Johnson D, Tovbina M, Silva A, Carver T, Tracy T, McFarland C, Archer J, Whitmore H

Age 15-19 wks. Intervention: 8 wks on high-fat diet. Fasting conditions prior to sac.

In addition to the images this project provides scores for the following:
Microvacuoles are small vacuoles in hepatocyte cytoplasm, scored 1+ to 4+ in severity.
Macrovacuoles are large single vacuoles that replace hepatocyte cytoplasm, scored 1+ to 4+ in severity.
Inflammation refers to infiltrates of mixed inflammatory cells, including many neutrophils in liver scored 1+ to 4+ in severity.

B6.Cg-Ay/J Female Male
B6.Cg-Lepob/J Female Male
BKS.Cg-Dock7m +/+ Leprdb/J Female Male
BKSChpLt.HRS-Cpefat/J Female Male
C57BL/6J Female Male
C57BLKS/J Female Male