Nadeau4 project protocol

Diet-induced body weight gain in males of C57BL/6J-Chr6A/J/NaJ chromosome substitution mice along with parental strains   (2016)

Nadeau JH
With: Burrage LC

Project protocol - Contents


Procedure 1: Diet administration

Reagents and solutions

  • Standard chow diet (Purina LabDiet, 5010, St. Louis, MO, USA)
  • High-fat High-sucrose (HFHS) diet (Research Diets, D12331, New Brunswick, NJ, USA)


  1. All mice are fed the chow diet until 4-5 weeks of age.
  2. At 4-5 wks of age, all mice are fed the HFHS diet until the end of the study at 18-19 weeks of age.

Procedure 2: Body weight and size determination

Equipment, software, and supplies

  • Balance scale
  • Measuring ruler

Reagents and solutions

  • Avertin, 0.8 mg/g of 2,2,2,-tribromoethanol in tertiary-amyl alcohol (Fisher Scientific, Pittsburgh, PA, USA)


  1. Mice are weighed on a weekly basis 4-5 wks of age up to 18-19 wks of age.
  2. Mice at 18-19 wks of age are moved to clean cages, fasted overnight, weighed, and then anesthetized via intraperitoneal injection with Avertin. Nose to anus length is measured to calculate BMI.