Koide3 animal documentation

Temporal recording of open field behavior in 12 inbred strains of mice, mostly wild-derived (Mishima) strains   (2006)

Koide T, Takahashi A

Koide3_ Animal Documentation

Acclimation & testing periods

Shipment All mice were bred in animal facility of National Institute of Genetics, Japan
Ages 10 wks of age at the start of testing
Feed Given ad libitum (Rodent Diet CE-2, CLEA, Japan)
Water Provided ad libitum
Housing After weaning, mice were group housed in same sex groups (2-5 per cage) in standard sized plastic cages on wood shavings. One week before the test, mice were housed individually.
Photoperiod 12 h light on, 12 h light off light-dark cycles (on at 08:00 a.m.)
Humidity 40-60%
Temperature 21-25 °C
Health status All procedures used in this study were approved by the institutional animal care and use committee.