JaxCC1 project protocol for procedure: heart weight

Multisystem phenotyping of 18 Collaborative Cross strains   (2018)

The Jackson Laboratory


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Project protocol: Heart weight


Using heart weight and body weight to evaluate cardiac size.

Study design

  • Paradigm: Baseline study
  • Panel: Collaborative Cross
  • Number of strains: 18
  • Sex: Both
  • Age: 17-19 wks
  • Sample size: Six mice per sex from at least two litters
  • Number of cohorts: 1


    Step Description Equipment Data collected
    1 Mice are euthanized - -


    Weigh each mouse Balance Body weight
    3 Dissect and weigh heart Balance Heart weight

    Equipment, software and supplies

    Reagents and solutions

    • 70% ethanol



    1. Mice are euthanized via cervical dislocation.
    2. Body weight is recorded.
    3. Each mouse is placed on its back and pinned onto the board (inner side of front and hind paws).
    4. Each mouse is doused with 70% ethanol to control hair and dander.
    5. The heart is dissected (dissect aortic root immediately above the aortic valves and the superior vena cava above the atria).
    6. Mediastinal fat pads are carefully removed with forceps.
    7. Blood is removed from the heart with Kim wipes or surgical compress until the heart is totally dry.
    8. The heart is weighed.


    Formulas and derivations: Local data processing is implemented to calculate derived measures from these data, and a table of the derived measures and raw data are reported per mouse in JaxLIMS.



    LIMS field name MPD variable name Description Units Series Primary measurement Series order MPD computed Calculation Method Data type
    Body weight bw body weight g           body weight Float

    Heart weight

    heart_wt heart weight, weight mg Yes heart_wt 1     organ weight Float
    HW/BW heart_wt_adj heart weight, normalized to body weight mg Yes heart_wt 2     organ weight Float

    Experimental and technical parameters

    Equipment name Balance
    Equipment manufacturer Ohaus
    Equipment model AV212C