Dietrich1 animal documentation

Bacillus anthracis lethal toxin susceptibility in females of 50 strains of mice   (1998)

Dietrich WF
With: Watters JW, Boyden ED, Roberts JE, Ballard JD, Dewar K, Lehoczky J, Boyartchuk V


Acclimation and testing periods

All strains obtained directly from The Jackson Laboratory JAX® except CAST/EiJ , SPRET/EiJ, and 129S6/SvEv strains.
Ages Female mice tested at age 6-8 wks, except SPRET/EiJ which was tested at age 14 wks
Mice were maintained on a diet ad libitum
Given ad libitum
Mice were housed at the Harvard Medical School VAF facility
12:12 hr L:D; light/dark cycle
Health status
All experimental procedures were conducted in accordance with guidlines set by the Committee for Standardized Animal Care of Harvard Medical School