Chesler2 animal documentation

Multi-system assessment of 8 inbred founder strains and 54 F1 hybrids of the Collaborative Cross   (2011)

Chesler EJ, Philip VM, Voy BH
With: Sokoloff G, Ackert-Bicknell C, Striz M, Churchill GA, Lariviere WR, Palmer AA, OHara BF

See also: Chesler2 protocol


Acclimation and testing periods

Inbred mice were obtained from The Jackson Laboratory (JAX®, Bar Harbor, Maine). Collaborative Cross (CC) mice bred and obtained from Oak Ridge National Laboratory (Oak Ridge, TN 37831).
Ages variable age
Irradiated Purina 5053: 5% fat, 20% protein given ad libitum
Chlorinated 3–5 p.p.m. given ad libitum; Automatic: Edstrom
Optimice Single (75 sq. in.), Thoren Single (75 sq. in.), Thoren Duplex (52 sq. in.). All polycarbonate; Thoren filter top; Nestlets, igloos, PVC pipes environmental enrichment
Harlan Softcob bedding
14:10 h L:D; light intensities maintained at 3 lux at a distance of 30 in from the floor surface
Humidity 30-70%
21 +/- 1.0°C
Health status
Quarterly testing for serology, parasitology and bacteriology; specific pathogen free (SPF) conditions