Auwerx2 animal documentation

Genetic, metabolic, and molecular insights into the diverse outcomes of diet-induced obesity in Collaborative Cross founder strains of mice   (2021)

Auwerx J, Bachmann AM, Morel J, Li X
With: El Alam G, Rodríguez-López S, Imamura de Lima T, Goeminne L, Benegiamo G, Bou Sleiman M

Animal Documentation

Source of Mice: Mice strains were obtained from Charles River.

Age (wks): 8-21 wks at testing

Breeding: Mice were bred for more than two generations at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) animal facility before being incorporated into the study.

Feed: Standard Rodent chow (CD) or High-fat diet (HFD) at 8 wks of age, ad libitum (see Procedure 1 for details of diets)

Water: Water ad libitum

Temperature (°C): Not specified

Light / Dark Cycle: 12:12h

Care and Use Statement: All research was approved by the Swiss cantonal veterinary authorities of Vaud under license 2257.2

Additional Notes: In accordance with the ethical license's protocol, some mice were sacrificed early due to displaying signs of severe illness. Most notably, all but one of the NZO/HILtJ were sacrificed due to severe diabetics. In addition, the oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) was omitted in the NZO/HILtJ mice, as there were concerns regarding the stress caused by repeated blood collections.