Albers1 animal documentation

Diet-induced changes in plasma phospholipid transfer protein activity, lipids, and lipoproteins in 15 inbred strains of mice   (1999)

Albers JJ, Paigen B
With: Pitman W, Wolfbauer G, Cheung MC Kennedy H, Tu AY, Marcovina SM


Mice obtained from The Jackson Laboratory.

Health status report

The Jackson Laboratory Diagnostics Laboratory routinely monitors and documents animal health status using statistically valid sampling procedures and standard protocols.

See JAX®Mice Quality Control Programs or the JAX®Mice Catalog for the list of agents monitored.

Detailed health status reports for each animal room represented from this project are on file.

Acclimation Period

Feed: ad libitum, chow diet (Old Guilford, Guilford, CT)

Water: ad libitum

Photoperiod: 14 h light/ 10 h dark

Testing Period

Total duration: Approximately 6 - 14 weeks

Feed: ad libitum, high-fat (15%) diet (see Protocol)