Phenotype measure:   Schughart5   lungwtadj_trt_d30

ID, description, units MPD:58897   lungwtadj_trt_d30   relative lung weight, treated group   [%]  30 days post-infection   measure
influenza A (H3N2) virus study
Data set, strains Schughart5   inbred w/CC8   2 strains     sex: f     age: 10wks
Procedure organ weights
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Schughart5 - relative lung weight, treated group 30 days post-infection

Measure Summary Female
Number of strains tested2 strains
Mean of the strain means0.594   %
Median of the strain means0.594   %
SD of the strain means± 0.118
Coefficient of variation (CV)0.199
Min–max range of strain means0.510   –   0.677   %
Mean sample size per strain3.5   mice

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Strain Sex Mean SD N mice SEM CV Min, Max Z score
NZO/HlLtJ f 0.51 0.0432   4 0.0216 0.0847 0.47, 0.57 -0.71
PWK/PhJ f 0.677 0.0306   3 0.0176 0.0451 0.65, 0.71 0.71

GWAS analysis not available: At least 12 strains are required