Individual animal measured values

ID, description, units MPD:58776   pctGRA_trt_d18   granulocyte differential (GRA; percentage of total WBC), treated group   [%]  post-infection day 18  
influenza A (H3N2) virus study
Data set, strains Schughart4   inbred w/CC8   2 strains     sex: f     age: 8-12wks
Procedure complete blood count

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Strain Sex Measured
Z score
Animal ID
NZO/HlLtJ f 2 -1.11 3d:122f
NZO/HlLtJ f 6.9 1.31 2d:122f
NZO/HlLtJ f 3.8 -0.22 4d:122f
NZO/HlLtJ f 4.3 0.02 1d:122f
PWK/PhJ f 4.8 -1.40 1:217f
PWK/PhJ f 16.8 0.62 5:217f
PWK/PhJ f 19.8 1.12 2:217f
PWK/PhJ f 14.6 0.25 3:217f
PWK/PhJ f 9.7 -0.58 4:217f