Project measure / variable:   Jax5   dam_age_mate

ID, description, units MPD:31482   dam_age_mate   age of dam at mate   [wks]  
Data set, strains Jax5   inbred   35 strains     sex: f     age: varies
Procedure colony observation
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Jax5 - age of dam at mate

Measure Summary Female
Number of strains tested35 strains
Mean of the strain means3.52   wks
Median of the strain means3.29   wks
SD of the strain means± 0.438
Coefficient of variation (CV)0.125
Min–max range of strain means3.04   –   4.82   wks
Mean sample size per strain232.7   mice

ANOVA summary      
FactorDFSum of squaresMean sum of squaresF valuep value (Pr>F)
strain 34 1159.459 34.1017 172.5861 < 0.0001
Residuals 8034 1587.4586 0.1976

Q-Q normality assessment based on residuals