Project measure / variable:   Auwerx1   il_18_CD

ID, description, units MPD:111376   il_18_CD   blood interleukin-18 (IL-18) amount   [pg/mL]  CD  
high-fat diet study
Data set, strains Auwerx1   BXD w/par   2 strains     sex: m     age: 29wks
Procedure cell signaling molecule detection
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Auwerx1 - blood interleukin-18 (IL-18) amount CD

Measure Summary Male
Number of strains tested2 strains
Mean of the strain means819.5   pg/mL
Median of the strain means819.5   pg/mL
SD of the strain means± 285.0
Coefficient of variation (CV)0.3477
Min–max range of strain means618.0   –   1021.0   pg/mL
Mean sample size per strain4.0   mice

ANOVA summary      
FactorDFSum of squaresMean sum of squaresF valuep value (Pr>F)
strain 1 324616.5312 324616.5312 11.6092 0.0144
Residuals 6 167772.2275 27962.0379

Q-Q normality assessment based on residuals


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Strain Sex Mean SD N mice SEM CV Min, Max Z score
C57BL/6J m 618.0 199.1   4 99.57 0.3222 323.6, 740.0 -0.71
DBA/2J m 1021.0 127.5   4 63.77 0.1249 884.4, 1176.0 0.71

Strain Sex Mean SEM UpperCL LowerCL
C57BL/6J m 618.0 83.6092667063 822.5845055692 413.4154944308
DBA/2J m 1020.875 83.6092667063 1225.4595055692 816.2904944308

GWAS analysis not available: At least 12 strains are required